Sunday, February 12, 2012


I know I promised I would post on an everyday basis, but why post if there is nothing juicy to say?

I have a really hard time staying consistent with Master. Some weeks I want to be that true submissive I know I am deep down and be held accountable for all of my wrong doings, and other weeks I don't want him to discipline me at all, I want to handle things on my own and if he even comes close to delivering a spanking I probably deserve I get mad and this depression overrides me and it's just not healthy.

Is this normal? As a submissive woman shouldn't I want to eat, breath and sleep the lifestyle?

I know this is a VERY short post and probably not worth your time, I just need help.


  1. I wish I had an answer for this but unfortunately I do not have a matter of fact answer. I think, though, that regardless of how much we may want to be submissive sometimes it is just really hard to be. I know sometimes I get the idea that I'm a grown women which means I don't need discipline or accountability or any of this and the whole idea becomes a bit silly in my mind. Of course I am a grown women. But I'm a grown woman who needs and craves this. I think that maybe you're just going through a sort of phase so to speak. Most likely what you need is just for him to remain consistent and strong for you. What we submissive women generally need is the strength of our man when we start to waiver. Keep your head up girl, you'll get through this.

  2. It's good to hear from you Ashley! How have you and your husband been?

    I think I just need to have a good conversation with my man soon. I'm just a wimp and I think that's the issue, I know I deserve to be punished for my lack of ambition lately but I'm afraid to face it and it has ruined our dynamic.

  3. I doubt we all always want to lie breath and eat the lifestyle. Sometimes it comes easy, other times it does not. Hope you have things figured out now!

  4. It's hard. A lot of people will refer discipline and other things an 'exercise in submission'. Exercise generally takes a lot of work, right? Submission does, too. The more you do it, though, the easier it becomes.

    Another thing that may help is if he can create a better atmosphere. Maybe more time needs to be spent on the lecture, or maybe you guys need to have a long talk about it before the discipline actually takes place.

    I get that way too, though, so don't feel bad. It really just takes some time.

    I hope this helps a little :) Best of luck to you!