Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lonely Saturday

It sure is a lonely Saturday. Chris got an amazing job where he will be making lots of money so we don't have to stress, the only down fall is I never get to see him anymore. His days are so long. He usually goes into work at about 10am, and is not home until 10pm. I don't know if I'll be able to handle this. I miss him so much, I'm an extremely clingy girlfriend (something I hope to change about myself one day) so this is seriously heartbreaking. It's only the first week so I hope things will get better.

We got a kitten for me so I wouldn't be so lonely but lately he has been sick. He won't eat on his own, and I'm so worried about the poor guy. Yesterday we brought him to the vet and they want to keep him there until Monday. :( I miss my Mowgli, he kept me company while Chris was away and now all I have is myself. Any suggestions on how to pass the time when your man is busy working?

Anyways, I figured I would take this time to report the follow up spanking. That morning Chris went to work (I have work on weekdays but he usually starts before me). I wake up to a text that reads:

"Before you leave please clean the kitchen." there were messy dishes still in the sink left from last night "I command you to do so. Also stand in your corner for 5 minutes and remember what we talked about last night. Let me know when you have these tasks done."

Now, this startled me big time. Chris is a dominant person, but never have I ever seen him use his authority like that. Standing in the corner is my least favorite thing and without him watching, I was NOT about to waste time doing it. I cleaned the kitchen, cleaned our kittens litter box, took a shower, check some blogs maybe... heh, and then before I knew it the time read 9:58 and my uncle was to pick me up at 10.

I had the perfect excuse, I was able to say I didn't have enough time so I ran with it. Wrong, the new Chris doesn't take excuses anymore and besides he knows me too well, he knew I could have had time if I really wanted to. :/

That day for work I went to the beach with my uncles super distant nephew, so my super distant cousin?, who doesn't speak any English. Working for my uncle means I'm subject to do anything, it's kind of nice getting paid to go to the beach. While there, I was to text C every hour, not drink any soda and have at least one serving of fruit and vegetable.

The day was long and the sun beat hard. It was difficult for me to be at the beach with some kid who was unnable to talk to me, and without my Master by my side. The day was long, and Chris finally came home around 10pm so happy to see me. :)

That moment when he came home and held me in his arms and told me he missed me was incredible. I kinda did a booboo and yelled and demanded, just like the night before, about him going on his computer and neglecting me. :(

He repeats over and over that it is not neglect but it feels like it when I haven't seen him all day and he's busy doing his own thing so I lose control. Next thing I know I'm told to go to my corner, once more (I have a corner in every room). I actually listen because his tone of voice told me he was serious. I stand there, he makes sure I'm standing straight and not being a brat. He comes over with the toy I got our kitten, it's basically a feathery like toy connected to a long plastic rod like cane.

Now, I thought the spoon hurt but I'm afraid I have another enemy. He gave me a few swats, no more than 15 with my pants on and everything and that thing made me yelp. I'm usually pretty good at staying quiet besides a few helpless pleads. But I could not control myself with this thing, it stung so much with every swing and I was feeling weaker by the second.

That night I got spanked on four different occasions for one thing or another. He's so good at being consistent all of a sudden, I say one thing he doesn't like and it's over his knee for me.

We were about to go to bed, I felt exhausted and it was growing late and he leans over to me and says:

"Do you really think you're going to go to bed without being punished for disobeying me this morning? You "didn't have time" for your corner, you didn't eat any fruits or vegetables and forgot to text me for 2 hours."

I was seriously shaky. This was NOT happening. :(

"Can you please please please not use the cat toy Master?"

"Of course not, I'm planning that for another day." He's evil, yet kind?

I crawl over his lap, I figure it would be worst if I resisted and I knew there was no way out of this. I remember not to long ago me fighting the spanking and him being all fine with it. Ha. Once upon a time.

This spanking hurt, BAD. It wasn't that long, I think he was ready for bed also but he gave me a last 15 to count out and he made sure to make those sting. I could hear the snap of the spoon fall down on me and make sure I couldn't leave the moment.

I was sent to my corner directly after. I talked out of turn, and he quickly came over, yanked my pants back to the ground and used his hand on me. What is his obsession with spanking me in the corner? I have yet to know.

"Kitten, when you are in the corner you are to be the most submissive you have ever been. You only talk when spoken to, and you are to stand straight, stare at the wall and think about what you have done and how to improve. Am I clear?"

"Yes Sir."

Oh where, oh where has my sweetie Chris gone?

I am finally free from the corner, snuggle in his arms.

"Have you brushed your teeth?" He's super on top of that too.

"No.... I'm tired though. :( Can I just do it tomorrow?"

"Do you want me to wake you up again with another spanking?"

I get up, ugggghhhh... (I actually said that aloud).

He follows me to the bathroom, gives me two HARD warning spanks and tells me.

"When I tell you to do something I expect you to get up with a 'Yes Sir' and nothing more. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir!"



  1. Eek, maybe you could get rid of the cat toy, and get Mowgli some of those nice little furry fake mice to play with? You've got to think in "possible spanking implement" terms before you bring ANYTHING into the house now, LOL! I'm sorry his work hours are so long, that's got to be tough. I've been through that, too. And I hope your kitten feels better soon! Hugs!

  2. Oh noesssss! my poor friend! lol. I hope you are doing better now! and give my love to Mowgli! hope he gets to eating quick! :)