Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Kitten In Town

So at first I didn't mind it so much, little tap taps here and there were kind of fun. But Chris is no longer messing around, I'm no longer allowed to EVER raise my voice at him, demand anything (even playfully which I do very often), or deny a kiss (even though I do it a teasing manner). These are the 3 main ones we are working on so far. The first time I did all 3, it was 5 swats for each. I thought, wow, no biggie. Now, here is the catch. He decided he would double them every time I broke one of the 3 rules, so the next demand I had costed me 20, and then 40 and so on. Let's just say next time I ever raise my voice or demand something it's 80, for each. THAT'S 160!!

Graaah. Frustrating. It hurts. :(

On a better, or not so better note, we got a kitten two days ago. He's seriously the most adorable thing ever! He's asleep next to the desktop right now, I'll snap a picture....

Cute huh? There's a new kitten in town! I swear I'm going to get in a lot of trouble because of him. Last night the little twerp (his name is Mowgli) decided to pee on our bed. Of course Chris was not happy at all. This is his first cat, so I feel like he's training him like a dog and it really bothers me because that's not how you treat a cat. You can't just put an indoor cat outside for being bad, or yell/scold him. Cats are too prissy. I have always grown up with cats so I know that the only way to make the stubborn things do what you want is through love and repitition. Last night we had him locked in the bathroom but I woke up this morning to his cute little meows at 9am to release him. Chris wasn't too happy and my attitude didn't help.

I just don't know what to do. It feels almost like child abuse. This is my baby, and I'm going to take care of him even if he does a little accident. I've been repeatedly showing him his litter box, making sure he knows how to use it. I even taught the darn thing how to drink water today. He's a baby, and I love him but I love Chris more. I'm ranting, but the point is I would choose my Master over my kitten and so I have these feelings on wanting to give up on my baby to make C happy but gakhalifhjao. End rant.

Thanks for listening to my brain explode, I sure don't want to hear all this guilt anymore. I begged and begged for the precious kitten (he was free off of craigslist) but didn't realize how expensive raising a "child" is. The poor thing. :(

Chris is still asleep. I think he is avoiding me. I think he'd rather sleep than fight with me. I think this, because I do it all the time. Rats.


  1. Eek! I hope you behave--wow, that sounds BAD! Your kitten is absolutely adorable, I'm so jealous! Hang in'll figure everything out! :)

  2. Kay- Thank you. :) He's a little bit sick right now though. He stopped eating and I worry so much about my baby. :(

  3. Hello! Awww your kitten is so adorable. I hope hope hope you find a happy medium between kitty and your Master. Putting everything aside - a kitty is a living breathing creature and he is now utterly in your care and is family. I hope your Master will see him as this too. You shouldn't have to choose, sorry - but i am such a cat person - I've always had cats and I just know once they feel happy and secure and loved, they will be very very very good kitties.

    all the best xx

  4. I love your kitten!! CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! and cheer up girly! things will get better, I promise! love ya!