Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Spoiled Milk

Now, I know I haven't been posting as regularly as I should. A lot of things have definitely happened and yesterday I had a mental list of what I needed to go over but right now I'm forgetting most of the things. Damn.

Anyways, I wanted to first let you all know why I haven't been blogging all that much. It's actually a bit embarrassing  and definitely is not something I would tell one of my real life friends but since you all know me at my worst I figured I would let you know. It adds to the humiliation, I guess.

I am re-obsessed with one of my childhood websites. Neopets, if you must know. It was something I got addicted to in the 5th grade and actually didn't fully quit until the middle of 9th grade. Yeah, it was a bad obsession and I knew I needed to get rid of it if I wanted any friends. Some reason, I checked back on and I'm back into the craze. /blush

Now on to my attitude. My attitude is a lot like milk, it's fresh and refreshing when you first purchase it but within a week (or my case a day or two) it goes spoiled and needs to be thrown out. That's me! After a punishment you would think I had no kind of attitude problem but give me a day, or even a few hours sometimes and I start to spoil.

Now, I don't even remember why my attitude came out, probably something really stupid but it came out bad not to long ago and I got the spanking I long deserved. It wasn't supposed to be that rough of a punishment. A few smacks with the wooden spoon on my leggings and then two sets of 25, one stating I would not have an attitude and the other stating I wouldn't backtalk.

Me and back-talking is the absolute worst, by the way. It honestly gets me in the most trouble, even beyond my attitude. I have always grown up needing to get the last word, and sure enough me getting the last word, or even the second word is considered back talk. It's hard to change a habit of 19 years!

Master quickly pulled me over his knee and He spanked me a bunch and then started the first set of 25. I submitted to the best of my abilities but half-way through, something jumped out and I protested to something, not exactly sure at this point, but because of the stupid BT (backtalk) the 25BT swats turned into 40. :( I almost cried.

I don't know about the rest of you,  but when I have to count that means the strikes are going to be 10x harder than what I'm normally used to. So even though 25 doesn't seem like much, they're much harder then when he's consistently spanking and that's why 25 is a scary number. FIVE is a scary number in that case.

When the spanking was finally over I was sent to my corner to think about my privileges.  He then gave me a pad of paper and I was to write down these thought of priorities. 

The man has a plan. He now has a system to my attitude which somewhat frightens me. It hasn't taken affect yet, which I'm thankful of, and I hope it never does. But he hung my priority list up on our bulletin board (I hope we don't have any guests) and he said every time I BT or express attitude he is going to cross off one of the priorities on my list. :(

These priorities include: speaking, texting, being able to go on the internet, sleeping in bed with Master, ect.

All the things I like. Waaahhh!
I think I would honestly prefer a spanking....


  1. I recall that you did ask him to come up with things other things than spankings.....I did hear this come out of your mouth. Well good luck and watch that tongue girly! :)

  2. I don't see what you are embarrassed about! Neopets is amazing I love it! Sometimes I wish I could get back in to it because I really do miss the joys it once brought me :)
    I think its perfectly okay for you to be playing the same time I am wearing a footed sleeper and a diaper and find that fun...
    Maybe I am not the best to take advice from ;).