Friday, January 20, 2012

A Punishment Story

And now my punishment story as promised..

'Twas the night before banishment and all through the house, Master slept soundly, while kitten was needy to pounce.

Kitten knew better than to let others taste and so made a new page (on fet) with a whole different face.

Kitten got men to want her by being bad to the bone and didn't remember her number one rule; she had already been owned.

Kitten flaunted and teased, acted naughty so men would beat her and when Master found out he was ready to defeat her.

Kitten was sent to her room with a frown on her face. Kitten hoped she would get off easy, but that sure was not the case.

Master showed kitten what it's like to be a pain slut, so remember, be careful what you wish for or you'll end up with a sore butt.

Not entirely sure why I decided to write it in poem, but there you go. Basically Master was snoozing and I was feeling a bit, you know, hungry and so I went back to my old ways of talking to Dom's online to get a fix.

I'm weird, or normal (I haven't figured that out yet). I get so horny thinking about pain and being beat to a pulp. Living in a Master/slave environment turns me on just as much as girls do, but I am too scared to actually live it. It is so much safer virtually and I don't end up with bruises and welts, yet I love having them, I just hate going through it.

That's why I constantly go through those phases where I act like a naughty brat, get online Dom's to "punish me" and all is good again... wrong.

Master is EXTREMELY understanding. Even though he doesn't approve of my needs sometimes, he does support them. The reason I got into so much trouble was because I did it behind his back, and when he asked me what I was doing, instead of coming clean, I said "nothing". Now you see where I'm wrong.

I'm too nervous to talk about this punishment. I'm STILL sore from it and thinking about it makes me flinch. He took me to my limit (on my left cheek a least) and I began to cry and begged him to stop which I rarely do and actually mean it.

I was tied up (or rather tied down), and every implement we own was used on me. This includes two spoons, a flogger, a ruler, the belt and strap. My entire body was whipped, and that was a first for me. It was bad, you can take my word for it.

And now im grounded from fetlife. I miss it. I think I'm addicted to it actually. I so badly crave to go back. :(

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